Wednesday, 29 November 2017

SOUTH AFRICA: Lions Recaptured George's Valley Tzaneen

The escaped lion which was being tracked by the Joint operation since the afternoon of 26 November 2017, was captured on the morning 0f 27 November 2017, within George’s Valley area outside Tzaneen.

This search emanated from the allegations that two lions jumped out of a trailer which was being towed by a bakkie along Georges Valley road outside Tzaneen.

According to the eye witness, these two lions were seen entering inside the pine plantations near Vula-Vula in the Georges Valley area after they escaped from the trailer.

The driver of the vehicle alleged that the lions were transported from one animal enclosure to another but this is still being verified through ongoing investigations to determine their exact destination.

One of the lions seemed to have hurt its leg when it jumped from the moving trailer and as a result, it struggled up the wet and muddy hill towards a pine plantation where it was recovered while the second lion ran down towards a stream on the opposite side of the R528 road.

The South African Police Service in this Province would like to commend all those who participated during this operation on the job well done for the safety of our communities and their animals.

The matter will be pursued further by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

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