Thursday, 5 September 2019

KENYA: Man And Woman Cause Incident In Funyula Lodge

In Funyula town located in Busia County on Thursday word went on that two secret lovers, a married woman and a man, got stuck together while making love at a lodging.

Word spread like bush fire within the small town and its environs disrupting business for over six hours as curious members of the public rushed to the building.

The incident attracted a huge crowd of people at the busy trading center since it was a market day.

Curious onlookers who had surrounded the lodging however failed to see the lovers as they had locked themselves in.

Residents said the watchman locked the two lovers inside the lodging to save them from public ridicule.

This is indeed a very shameful incident especially among married couples who should respect their marriage, a woman who did not want to be identified said.

The watchman should have let them come out of the lodging we know who they are because the woman has ashamed us and by portraying us as unfaithful to our men. The watchman should have allowed us to teach her a lesson she said.

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