Friday, 18 November 2016

African Restaurants You Should Never Miss To Visit

In most African countries, it’s common to see people queue at a small corner of a town to savor their traditional delicacies often at the price of the man of the streets, these spots could be referenced or termed the “African McDonalds” as they serve food in all offers for the man of the street. That said some African countries do have sophisticated restaurants which serve all sorts of dishes; from European to Asian and above all they serve African traditional dishes. Even though the list may not include some of your best restaurants which greatly depends on where you landed on the continent, one thing for sure is that a meal at these restaurants will worth the cost.

1. Tasting Room
While in South Africa Cape Town, every visitor should consider a stop at The Tasting Room. Like many great restaurants, The Tasting Room is located inside an established luxury hotel, Le Quartier Francais. Tucked away in the spectacular Franschhoek Valley, the scenery is almost as captivating as the food. Run by award-winning Dutch chef, Margot Janse, the jewel in the crown here is the opulent nine-course surprise menu consisting of elements such as spekboom leaves, Kalahari salted kabeljou and Chakalaka lollipop. The restaurant is decked out with a clean, crisp theme, white table clothes and the culinary presentation is equally detailed. The Tasting Room has won ‘Top 50 Restaurant’ awards for the past seven years running, underlining its dominance not just in Africa, but in the world.

2. Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel
The recent economic boom in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city has brought with it a new wave of gastronomic experimentation. Perched above brooding African Hills, many restaurants boast stunning views across this vibrant and blossoming city. From local cuisine to delicious foreign flavors, The Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city and relax in an environment surrounded by lush and verdant nature. The menu offers an excellent selection of expertly prepared and internationally focused dishes such as fish or vegetarian tacos and American inspired pumpkin risotto. After dinner, visit the small shop and the on-site art gallery, both established to further support the local community.

3. Brown Café and Restaurant
According to Oluwakemi Ojo, Nigeria now boast of the best restaurants not only in Africa but in the world. In her ranking of Best restaurants in Nigeria, she recommended the Brown Café and Restaurant for its stylish interior and serene environment rendering services like lunches, breakfast and drinks lounge. Located in Ikeja Lagos, it has an all-embracing menu which includes ice cream, Singapore noodles and American Burger. Out of the meals, Oluwakemi says, it is a meeting point of the powerful in Lagos.

4. Tamarind
Kenya is one of Africa’s primary tourist destinations, which means it has a wealth of restaurants and bars to offer. One of the finest here is Tamarind; located near a harbor, it is the perfect place to feel in fresh fish, something the restaurant’s chefs specialize in preparing. The menu are derived from the Moghul cuisine of North West India, where fish, meat and game ingredients are traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven – a method replicated in Tamarinds own kitchen.

5. Santoku Restaurant and Bar
In Ghana, especially in its capital Accra which predictably home to some exceptional restaurants of haut cuisine, a popular destination is the Santoku Restaurant and Bar. It is noted for a blend of incredible food, effortless service and exquisite well-designed surroundings which puts it above any other restaurant. Some of their menu includes Santoku’s Chicken Karange, a Japanese version of traditional fried chicken, deliciously flavored with soy ginger and garlic, Santoku’s slow cooked beef fillet delicately enhanced with spicy den miso and panzu for an explosion of complex flavors. The rank of Santoku Restaurant and Bar can be seen by the presence of some wealthy people from Nigeria and West Africa who fly in to have a taste of their cuisine.

As fractional as this may look, these restaurants are worth a visit anytime you step foot on these countries, they have over the years carved out a status for themselves which cannot be ignored when talking about the places to eat in Africa. It is also worthy to note that for those who wish to experience the simple life of the African on the streets, there are always street corners were one could have a quick serve of food at a very affordable fee and go about their daily business.
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