Thursday, 3 November 2016

OMAN: Murdered Hotel Waitress Knew Killer

Murdered hotel waitress Pinky Pamittan’s alleged killer was a colleague who confessed to murdering her after claiming they had a row over money, police have said.

The Asian national, who worked with Pinky in the Qurum hotel where she was a supervisor, confessed to the murder yesterday, a Royal Oman Police (ROP) spokesman said.

Pinky went missing last week and staff at the hotel where she worked alerted police after she failed to turn up last Thursday.

On Friday, officers found Pinky’s body dumped in a wadi behind Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

They quickly detained a number of co-workers, all Asian nationals, and yesterday announced that one Asian man they had earlier detained had confessed to her murder.

A police spokesman said the accused, in his confession to police, claimed that Pinky owed him money. The spokesman added: “She asked him for a loan. She created an enemy and he took revenge this way.

“She knows him. She trusted him. They worked together and she asked him for a loan. That is, according to his confession. He may be lying.” The spokesman said they were awaiting official autopsy reports to determine how she died.
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