Friday, 3 March 2017

PAKISTAN: Members Senate Say Pakistan International Airline Services Are Like A Local Bus Services

Members of the Senate's Special Committee on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Wednesday slammed the national flag carrier for its poor performance and prevailing corruption.

The committee held a meeting on Wednesday where it was presented a report on the performance of the national airlines. The report annoyed members, who likened the airline to a local bus service due to poor flight standards.

"PIA has been transformed into Khan Bus Service, in which people fly to their destination standing in plane's aisle," Senator Tahir Mashhadi said.

"The national airline is functional because of prayers, while animals' sacrifices are offered for the safety of its planes" he added.

Senator Mushahidullah, the chairman of the committee, lambasted, "The CEO, who sold out a PIA aircraft for just Rs5.1 million, is not willing to respond to queries".

The members of the committee said that there had been political interference in national institutions, including the PIA, in past ten years, which they said resulted in appointments on a political basis.

They added that there had also been evidence of corruption in the airlines' catering and ticketing services.
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