Friday, 31 March 2017

Muslim Travelers Expected To Grow To 150 million Visitors By 2020

Muslim women wear the pants when it comes to halal tourism. That’s one of the highlights from the Halal Travel 2016 report.

The study, commissioned by travel technology company Amadeus, revealed that women play an influential role in the travel decision-making process and planning.

They have a key role in destination choice.

According to the findings, women make their decisions based on word of mouth and input from family and friends.

“Women want activities to keep the whole family happy,” the report read.

The report added that women have a high level of involvement when it comes to activity bookings and extra trip preparations.

Input from the fairer sex is especially important, considering that halal tourism continues to gain traction in the travel and hospitality industry.

Muslim travelers are expected to grow to 150 million visitors by 2020. Meanwhile, expenditure from this market segment is expected to rise from US$145 billion in 2014 to US$200 billion by 2020.

The report also called for the industry to recognize diversity among Muslim holidaygoers.

An Amadeus travel agent customer said: “Muslims travelling from Egypt will not be the same as those travelling from Saudi. Even within a market, there are big differences.”

The six variables are: comfort, exploration, core family, extended family, deal-seeking and simplicity-seeking.

In addition to that, the report also outlined three themes on the needs of Muslim travelers. They are: maximizing trip value, relevant accommodation and family-friendly destinations.

As for trip value, Muslim tourists like holiday packages but find them basic and inflexible. Meanwhile, apartments and chain hotels are preferred accommodation.

When it comes to destinations, Muslim travelers prefer to explore within their comfort zones.

This includes excursions that integrate halal dining options and praying possibilities.
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