Monday, 27 March 2017

UAE: Dubai To Fine Operators Who Rent Out Dirty Traditional Emirati Costumes

Dubai will be issuing fines starting at AED 2,000 (US$ 545) to tour operators and other establishments renting out unclean traditional Emirati costumes to tourists.

"The reuse of specific costume or outfit for different customers whether for the purpose of photography or any other activities is prohibited, without properly cleaning and disinfecting the items after each customer's usage," Dubai Municipality for Health, Safety and Environment Control assistant director general Khalid Mohammad Sharif Al Awadi said.

According to a statement from the authorities, any item of clothing, shoes, socks, headgear or any apparel that comes into contact with the skin should not be used by more than one customer, unless cleaned properly before each use.

Storing or discarding these items on the floor after usage is also prohibited, Al Awadi said.

He continued: "These items must be kept in special cabinets or baskets before or after cleaning and disinfection. The storage of clean and disinfected clothing and items must be done in suitable ventilated areas away from sources of contamination."

Failure to comply will result in fines on violators, starting at AED 2,000 ($545) for the first offence, but which can escalate for multiple offences.
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