Monday, 27 March 2017

German Federal Bureau Of Aircraft Accident Investigation Underway On Airbus A380

An investigation is underway after the wake from an Airbus A380, believed to have been flown by Emirates, nearly caused a private jet to crash over the Arabian Sea on January 7.

The Canadair Challenger 604, operated between Male and Abu Dhabi by Germany’s MHS Aviation, flipped at least three times and was thrown into an uncontrolled descent when the jet flew too close.

The A380, identified as likely to be EK412 from Dubai to Sydney, came within 300m of the smaller craft.

The resulting turbulence forced the private jet into a 10,000ft free-fall from a starting height of 34,000ft, Aviation Herald reported.

Following this, the crew shut down one engine and managed to regain control of the aircraft using “raw muscle force”. The engine was later restarted and the plane made an emergency landing in Muscat.

Several of the nine passengers on-board were hospitalised and one was seriously injured.

The aircraft was also written off after receiving damage beyond repair.

Details of the incident will be revealed in a report by the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation.

MHS declined to provide further details because investigation is ongoing.

Several turbulence incidents involving A380s have been reported previously including one involving an Emirates superjumbo and an Air France A320 flying near Frankfurt in October 2011, according to the publication.

It indicated air traffic control officers across the world have now been instructed to exercise care with A380s crossing above other aircraft.
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