Tuesday, 8 November 2016

UGANDA: Crocodile Swallows Girl Fetching Water

Residents of Kimengo Sub County in Masindi district have accused the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) of neglecting them when crocodiles on River Kafu are endlessly killing and eating their colleagues.

The latest incident happened in October when a primary five pupil of Kaikanga Primary School and was eaten by a crocodile as she fetched water from River Kafu.

Kimengo Sub county chairman, Mr Robert Musasizi on Monday said they have experienced similar problems for a long time and a number of people and animals have been eaten by the predators.

Musasizi said the most affected villages are Miduma, Kateirwe, Kizinga, Kafu and Kayera all in Kimengo Sub-county.

He accused UWA, whose mandate is to conserve wildlife of giving priority to animals that are wrecking havoc on human beings.

“We are very much concerned because we have been reporting all these incidences to UWA but they have never responded,” he said.

Mr Sunday Musuuli, an elder accused UWA of being irresponsible and concentrating on minor issues leaving serious issues that concern citizens unresolved.

“When UWA hears that residents have killed an antelope, they get concerned but when we report that one of us has been killed by a crocodile, they don’t care at all,” Mr Musuuli said.

UWA sector manager in charge of Murchison Falls conservation area, Mr Richard Muhabwe admitted that he is aware of the dangers caused by crocodiles on River Kafu.

He said they lack personnel to control or repatriate the beasts.

“We are making arrangements to shift all dangerous crocodiles from River Kafu in Kimengo Sub-county,” Mr Muhabwe said.
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