Tuesday 24 November 2015

Khiri Travel Showcases Culinary Experiences In Asia

Tour options celebrate the relationship between food and travel
Khiri Travel has introduced seven culinary experiences across five countries that showcase authentic local food in iconic settings.

The signature food experiences have been designed to give a visceral flavour of places including Myanmar, Indonesia and Thaialand..

The seven options include a Bagan ‘royal feast’ of 30 dishes in Myanmar, a picnic in the grounds beside a giant Buddhist shrine in Sri Lanka, and lunch in the gardens beside ancient Mon ruins in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In Indonesia visitors can go to a market in Lombok and then prepare their own local sasak meal in a shaded bamboo retreat beside rice paddis. In Bali, guests visit the Sindhu night market and eat snacks such as sate, bakso soup, gadogado or mee goring.

In Yogyakarta, a guided tour of the Malioboro area allows guests to sample dishes such as gudeg (jackfruit curry with egg), soto daging (beef soup), and an array of sweet meats in a local market. In Cambodia, Khiri Travel has arranged for a spread of Khmer snacks to be prepared for guests cruising on the moat at Angkor Thom in the early evening.

AndrĂ© van der Marck, VP of Khiri Travel, said: “Each culinary offering can be tailored as a tour in its own right or as part of a full-day, half-day or multiple-day tour.”

“All the dining experiences can be prepared to a budget or modified for guests who prefer things spicy, mild, with or without certain meats or with local or international soft drinks or alcohol.”

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