Monday, 30 January 2017

CHINA: Xi Jinping Visits Chongli Ski Town

On January 23, General Secretary of CPC Central Committee, President of China and Chairman of Central Military Commission Xi Jinping visited Zhangjiakou, Hebei province to review the preparation of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. He emphasized that the preparation of Winter Games was a priority of China. Competent local governments and competent departments should aim to organize a splendid, outstanding and excellent Olympic by making rational plans, using resources in an conservative and integrated way and following the schedule to complete all tasks of preparatory work.

Mountain areas in North China are covered by snows in winter. In the morning of January 23, Xi Jinping arrived at Ningyuan Airport in Zhangjiakou. After disembarking, he went to the temporary exhibition hall of 2022 Winter Olympic Games Zhangjiakou Stadium accompanied by Zhao Kezhi, Secretary of Hebei Provincial CPC Committee, and Zhang Qingwei, Governor of Hebei province.

Located in Chongli, Zhangjiakou Stadium is praised as “the most ideal natural skiing area in North China”. Snow sports of Beijing Winter Olympics will be held here. Xi Jinping listened to the introduction of geographical, climatic, historical, cultural, economic and social information of Chongli, understood the distribution of functional areas of the Stadium based on sandbox, watched a video clip on Stadium plan, and overlooked the land reserved for Olympic venues. He praised the on-schedule and orderly progress of preparatory work, and emphasized that the preparation was complicated and the first thing was to make a plan based on rational and advanced ideas.

The plan should contain both general plan and special and sectional plans, both work plan and venue and facility construction plan. It involves time and spatial distribution, resource and factor allocation and objective and responsibility definition, and thus need a systemic mind and professional qualities.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the plan of Zhangjiakou Stadium should be aligned with the general plan of Beijing Winter Olympics and the plan of Beijing municipal government, and meet the demand of the Games and supporting services. Making the plan involves sophisticated thinking, reviewing and, if necessary, improving the existing works, and the plan should work as guidance. All specific plans should follow the principle of using resources in a conservative and integrated way and being cost-effective as much as possible, and avoid extravagance.

Xi Jinping emphasized that all construction projects of Beijing Winter Games should follow the requirements of Green, Sharing, Open and Honest Olympics to design and construct painstakingly in line with the plan and schedule. Haste should be avoided and quality and quantity should be ensured, so that those projects can be built with high quality, integrity, and ecological and cultural values. Game facilities should be constructed in a professional manner, and supporting facilities should embody Chinese culture elements and local features, comply with energy conservation and environmental protection standards and protect ecological environment and cultural relics. We need to let modern constructions stand in harmony with natural landscapes and historical cultures, making them high quality assets benefiting the people and new landmarks of the city.

Xi Jjinping pointed out that Hebei province and Zhangjiakou city need to take the historical opportunity of organizing Beijing Winter Olympic Games to drive the development in all aspects on the basis of the 13th Five-year Plan and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinative development, so as to make good performance in both Olympic preparation and local advancement.

Leaving the temporary exhibition hall, Xi Jinping went to Genting Ski Area. He firstly entered ski gear hall to know about the function of helmet, ski cap, ski goggles, ski suits, ski boots and skis. Tourists and ski amateurs in the hall greeted the General Secretary and wished him a happy Chinese New Year. General Secretary Xi Jinping greeted them and wished them a happy time here.

Then, XI Jinping visited the practice zone of the Ski Area, listened to the introduction to the planning and rebuilding of the race venue, and understood the event setting, venue standard, technical tips and competition rules of skiing. When hearing that the Skiing Area was built by Genting Group of Malaysia and it has accumulated experience in competition organization and made contribution to the bidding for 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Xi Jinping thanked the foreign business. He said that the venue construction standard and operation assessment was the same for any investors. He hoped that Genting Group can implement the plan and ensure high quality ski track construction and supporting facilities construction.

Some practicing ski amateurs came excitedly when they saw General Secretary Xi Jinping, who talked amicably with them and asked about the feeling of skiing. Amid kids on a Skiing Winter Camp, Xi Jinping bent down and asked them how old they were, where they came from and whether it was difficult to learn skiing. He encouraged them to learn well and grow healthier, and reminded them to take care themselves in skiing while challenge themselves.

Xi Jinping visited the national skiing team, who was on training at Genting Ski Area. Athletes reported their training and competition to the General Secretary, and said that they would strive for the best. XI Jinping said that ice and snow sports were difficult, challenging and entertaining, and thus made people excited. As the preparatory work of Beijing Winter Olympic Games was progressing, he believed that there would be more and more people paying attention to ice and snow sports and athletes. The government would spare no efforts to provide better condition of training and competition for athletes. He hoped that the national team can live up to their responsibilities and keep diligent training, so as to be more competitive and earn honor for the country.

Xi Jinping pointed out that health was crucial for a happy life. As a large country with 1.3 billion people, China held sports as an important social business and a promising sunrise industry. He said that “We run for the Winter Olympic Games to achieve rapid progress of our ice and snow sports and nationwide fitness program. We proposed to encourage more people to participate in ice and snow sports, and Beijing Winter Olympic Games can act as a propelling force. It also acts as an orientation for ice and snow sport industry. I hope that more investors pay attention to China’s ice and snow sports and thrive while making contribution.”

Everyone applaud General Secretary for his expectation and encouragement. His address made each person feel warm.
Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu and competent persons in CPC central committee accompanied General Secretary Xi Jinping on his visit.
Original title:Xi Jinping: Making Rational Plan and Using Resources in an Integrated Manner to Diligently Complete the Preparation of Winter Olympic Games.
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