Monday, 15 May 2017

PERU: Peru Is Where To Go In 2017

The famous US news agency, specialized in economic and business issues, Bloomberg, chose Peru within the 20 tourist destinations that must be visited in 2017 worldwide.

The list "Where to go 2017" highlighted the increase of tourist services of the Andean country. The traveler has to think beyond Machu Picchu to the Incan salt ponds of Maras, the uncharted, snow-capped mountains of Veronica and Sawasiray.

It also remarks other tourist attractions such as Lake Titicaca, located in the city of Puno, considered by the agency as a mystical place and with an infinite horizon that every traveler should encounter, specially for those who want to visit little popular circuits.

Among the activities recommended are the so-called Trekking, long-distance or mountain excursions, ideal for the adventure lovers.

In addition, the tourist will find a wide offer of hotels and lodgings, as well as public transport services that will make it easier to get to these attractions.

It should be remembered that this year The New York Times recognized the Sacred Valley of Cusco as one of the most interesting places to see, highlighting its gastronomy and cultural traditions.

The famous Machu Picchu ruins have long made Peru one of South America’s leading tourism destinations.

More recently Peru has attracted new segments of international tourists with Peruvian cuisine, ecotourism and other cultural highlights which drive continued growth in Peru’s tourism sector.

With major infrastructure projects underway, the city of Lima attempts to position itself as a regional hub for business tourism.

The Jorge Chavez airport in Lima is also an important hub strategically located for connecting flights within South America.

Tourism to Peru has more than tripled since the year 2000. The MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index has ranked Lima the most visited city in Latin America since 2011, when it surpassed Buenos Aires.

In 2015, MasterCard estimates Lima received 5.1 million international overnight visitors, which was significantly more than Mexico City (2.6 million) and Sao Paulo (2.5 million).

The sites with the highest proportions of international visitors are Raqchi (88.8%), Huaca Pucllana (79.7%), the Titicaca National Reserve (75.6%) and the Santa Catalina monastery (72.4%).

The sites with the lowest proportions of international visitors are the Paracas National Reserve (17.3%), Huaca del Sol y de la Luna (22.4%), Chan Chan (23.2%) and Huascaran National Reserve (24.1%).

Visitors from other countries in South America account for 57.4% of international visitors to Peru. With Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the total reaches 60%. The United States, Canada and Europe account for just over 35% and Asia makes up 4% of total visitors.
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