Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Taxi drivers chase foreigner out of Uber taxi in Pattaya

Taxi drivers in Pattaya surrounded an Uber taxi on Wednesday afternoon and forced a western passenger out of the vehicle, the Uber driver said.

Thai Uber driver, Surasak Khukham, 29, filed a complaint with the Pattaya Police Station at 11pm.

He also played a video clip he had recorded when his car was surrounded by five or six taxis on Pattaya 2 Road in North Pattaya in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri province.

Surasak said the western tourist was terrified when the taxi was laid siege to.

Surasak was fined after the taxis surrounded his car and police turned up. His driving licence was seized.

Uber service is still illegal in Thailand.
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