Tuesday, 23 May 2017

UNITED KINGDOM: 22 Killed In Manchester Arena Suicide Bomb Attack

At least 19 people were killed and about 59 others were injured in what British Prime Minister Theresa May called "an appalling terrorist attack" after an Ariana Grande concert Monday night at Manchester Arena in England, authorities said.

Multiple senior U.S. law enforcement officials briefed by British authorities said that forensic evidence at the scene including a body found at the blast site indicated a suicide attack.

British and U.S. law enforcement officials said they believed they had tentatively identified the bomber.

Greater Manchester Police said the incident was being treated as terrorism.

A senior White House official said that President Donald Trump, who is on a visit to Jerusalem, had been briefed.

At least 19 people have died and 59 more have been injured in an explosion at Manchester Arena.

A device believed to be filled with shrapnel and nails was detonated in the foyer outside the building immediately following an Ariana Grande concert.

Greater Manchester Police revealed they were treating the incident as a terror attack.

Moments after the explosion, sick jihadis celebrated the incident causing maximum casualties, and shared footage of an unknown man claiming to be an ISIS member.

The masked scumbag claims to be behind the devastation at Manchester, and issues a chilling warning.

He says: “In the name of Allah, the merciful and the grateful, this is only the beginning."

He adds that ISIS jihadis are beginning to attack the “crusaders”.

Terrorist monitoring group SITE reported that several pro ISIS accounts had shared the footage.

They also report that the man in the video is responsible for the attack on Manchester.

They wrote: "Pro-Islamic State social media accounts circulated a suspicious video of the alleged perpetrator of the May 22 suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena."

But no terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

An emergency COBRA meeting will be chaired by Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday morning.

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