Wednesday, 9 September 2015

NIGERIA: How To Book Flight Tickets On Azman Air

We decided to write this post for the benefit of our followers who want to know how to book travel tickets on Azamn Air.

Azman Air is one of Nigeria’s new domestic airlines. Follow these processes to make a reservation.

1. Log on to the airline’s website here and enter your itinerary as you would on any booking portal. Make sure to indicate a one way or a return route. Also, indicate if you will be traveling with a child. Leave the E-voucher column except you have a special voucher code from the airline. Click on search to begin your booking.

2. The next page will display flight availability, flight duration, flight number, class of cabin and price(s). Choose the most appropriate timing and pricing for you and click the next button.

3. Enter passenger details on next page accordingly. You have the option of paying on the spot or later. Choose Buy Now Pay Later if you just want to book it and pay at any of their offices or Globalpay Credit Card if you want to pay immediately. Click next when you are done.

4. If you chose the Buy Now Pay Later option, you will get an email notification in the email address you provided on the previous page and also have this displayed on the next page.

5. If you clicked Globalpay, you are expected to fill in the card details and click next. On the next page, indicate if you will be doing a bank transfer or you will be paying via the Interswitch Webpay with your regular debit cards. Click continue when done.

6. If you clicked on Interswitch, the next page will display your transaction reference number. Please keep this number somewhere safe. This is important because if you encounter an error during the payment process and you were not able to pay for the booking, the airline might require this code form you. Click on continue payment when done.

7. The next page is a familiar payment portal if you are frequent with e-payment platforms in Nigeria. Fill in your card details appropriately and pay.

With these information, you are will be able to successfully make and reservation and pay for your ticket on Azman Air.


Head Office, No 1 Zaria Road, Kano Nigeria

Phone: 08113976301-8

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