Monday 28 September 2015

COSTA RICA: Comforts In Dental Tourism

Most medical tourists who choose Costa Rica for dental treatments often cite cost as their major motivation to travel. Dental procedures in North America and Europe can be very pricey, particularly when they involve restorative work, implantation and oral surgery. Such treatments are far more affordable in Costa Rica, but there is another very attractive factor to dental tourism in Costa Rica, and it has to do with comfort.

A recent article published by Alley Watch, an industry site covering the tech scene in New York, described a Manhattan dental clinic that had to invest more than $300K acquiring technology that would allow them to fit their practice into a space measuring just 590 square feet, which leaves them with little room to accommodate their patients. By contrast, The New Smile Dental Group in San Jose can afford the luxury of offering patients more than 6,400 square feet of space.

Medical tourism providers in Costa Rica are aware that their patients expect more than just cheap treatments during their visit. They understand that a dental clinic in Manhattan could face certain real estate challenges and thus can only offer them so much in terms of space and comforts, but this is not what they have in mind when they come to Costa Rica.

The New Smile Dental Group is strategically located in an upscale residential area dotted by shops and boutique hotels in San Jose. The large and comfortable clinic features eight operating rooms, a waiting area large enough to accommodate patients plus their travel companions, parking lot, fast Wi-Fi access, and even free telephone calls to the United States and Canada. This clinic has enough space for a dedicated International Patient Center, which is a perk that complements the transportation and concierge services.

In the end, a medical tourism vacation should still feel like a vacation to health travelers, and this means that they should feel comfortable during their stay.

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