Wednesday 30 September 2015

Best Rum Bar in the British Virgin Islands

A great little rum bar on Cooper Island

It’s a trend to like.

More and more hotels are starting to celebrate the glory of rum by creating bars tailored around the spirit. That means rums not just from local distilleries but from across the wider Caribbean.

And one of the best to come on the scene in the last few years is on the tiny private island of Cooper Island in the British Virgin Islands.

It’s simply called the Rum Bar, and it’s now a favorite of locals, guests and, naturally, the many sailors and charterers who moor at Cooper Island.

With a terrific, passionate staff, the Rum Bar also serves some seriously good rum cocktails, along with some Cuban cigars for a perfect puff pairing.

But the star is, naturally, a rum selection simply unparalleled in the British Virgin Islands, from J. Bally to Gosling’s Old Rum to Angostura, among others.

And that’s worth raising a glass to.

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