Wednesday 30 September 2015

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico’s Newest Agritourism Spot

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company has presented Hacienda Don Carmelo with certification in the Agritourism Program.

The initiative is primarily aimed at breeding and training the farm’s 50 horses for equestrian riding.

“The PRTC enthusiastically welcomes this new aspect of the Agritourism Program, which we know offers a new alternative both to locals and tourists to enjoy the farmhouse within the framework of the prevailing nature at Hacienda Don Carmelo,” said Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort, Executive Director of the PRTC, who presented the certification. ”

The horses are bred and trained on agricultural land, for which regulated standards are followed with regard to grazing area, training area, feeding, bathing, and stable space.

Hacienda Don Carmelo specializes in the equestrian activity of exhibition under the Puerto Rican School of Equestrian Art.

The activities are aimed at a public audience on the farm, which is holding special events, including tours for children called “The Horse World,” in which the different aspects of the lives of the horses are presented in an educational way.

“This certification provides great opportunities for our city to expand the tourism locally and internationally. Our city has great natural resources as the Tortuguero Lagoon and our beautiful beach harbor and other unique resources that distinguish us as a people. This certification gives us the opportunity to strengthen our projection as the world tourist city,” said the mayor of the Municipality of Vega Baja, Marcos Cruz Molina.

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