Friday, 12 May 2017

Safe And Healthy Child Means A Happy Mother.

My mother made sure that as a young boy with albinism in Canada, I grew up with courage and confidence. With poor eyesight and as the only youngster with albinism in my entire school, she knew I'd face struggles. So these were important life lessons.

Mothers everywhere, no matter their circumstances, have one thing in common. They want the best for their children. The women in the Mama's Group, who are part of Under the Same Sun's Women's Development Program, are no different. They want a safe and secure future for their girls and boys with albinism, so that they can flourish.

Twice a week, these mamas gather together to share, learn, and often pray for each other. Then they busy themselves creating plans and products to sell to help improve their lives and those of their children.

Some of these mothers have albinism and have suffered the severe consequences of alienation from family and community and even the pain of attacks that have left them maimed and struggling. Others have children who have albinism, and they fight daily to protect their little ones and help them build a future.

Zuena has three children with albinism who attend school in the Under the Same Sun Education Program. That means her children receive things like:

Tuition fees and uniforms
Books and school supplies
The special medical services students living with albinism need, including skincare and low-vision aids.
Protective clothing and sunscreen to protect from the sun's harmful rays.
A secure environment, free from the threat of further attacks. (No more hiding away in fear).

And Zuena receives the hope and support she needs through the Mama's Group. When she was asked recently what her hopes were for her family, she shared: "I hope to be a good Mama and do business." We believe in you Zuena!

Together, these moms have found their strength. UTSS taught them about albinism. What a comfort and liberation to learn that albinism is a genetic condition, not a curse. Living with albinism does not have to mean a death sentence or a life on the run, with no opportunities for growth and security.

In fact, with their newfound understanding and mutual support, these moms are gaining in strength and hope all the time.

You can help.

Your special gift to UTSS this Mother's Day, will help provide safety, education and continued opportunities for mothers and their children with albinism. Why not make a gift to honor your mother or a strong woman you admire? We will send you a special Mother's Day card that you can print out or email to your mother or the special person you want to honor.

Simply click on the link below to make a secure gift online.

100% of your gift goes directly to Tanzania to help mothers.

From mothers' hearts and hands

Here is a list of the handicrafts these moms have made and sold to help build a better life for their children. See how they have progressed!

Paper bead necklaces and cards using recycled goods
Lip balms, soaps and candles from bees wax
African tie dye fabrics
Bread baking

And now with their profits the moms have purchased sewing machines and ovens for expanded business opportunities!

Under The Same Sun is a Registered Charity. All donations are deductible for income tax purposes in Canada and the USA.
100% of your donations go directly to programs in Tanzania. All administration costs are covered by a generous benefactor.
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