Wednesday, 5 October 2016

PERU: Chinese Visitors To Peru

The capital city, Lima, the country’s beach area and the famed folklore of Peru are some of the most popular attractions among Chinese visitors to the Inca nation.

"We should take advantage of the long-lasting friendship between these two nations, particularly now that the Asian Giant has money," says Teresa Joo Lamg, general manager at Peru-China Chamber of Commerce.

"Chinese vacationers spend money, are keen to explore the world and travel in groups," she told Peru’s official newspaper El Peruano.

To Chinese, Peru is a faraway nation on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. "So once they are in South America, they expect to find interesting places and shows."

"While in Cusco, they are prone to altitude sickness, and not everyone is able to avoid it," however, she explained such visitors like Lima.

A few year ago, Joo had the chance to join a delegation visiting Congress and the Government Palace. "They looked astonished! This caught their attention. People can visit the Great Hall of the People in China. They just like those kind of places."

Asian visitors also look for museums, but the beach is what is loved the most. China has a coastline; however, many cities are inland.

"Churches? They don’t like them very much, and dislike catacombs. Although they are interested in political topics, given the different systems."

Moreover, Chinese travelers take an interest in folklore. China has 56 different ethnic groups, who have preserved their dances and customs.

They usually buy crafted items, mainly alpaca wool scarves and sweaters.

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