Wednesday, 5 October 2016

PERU: Preferred Destination For Tourism Investment

Peru is the most attractive destination for tourism investment in the region, and its status is strengthened by the government’s announcement of doubling the number of international visitors by 2021.

“Of course Peru is attractive, and even more now with all the announcements made, as they are spread by the media and read by investors,” he told Andina news agency.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has pledged to increase the number of tourists twofold to 7 million by 2021. Remarks were made on the occasion of World Tourism Day at a ceremony held at the Government Palace in the presence of sector’s investors.

“It’s our turn the private sector to get to work; one thing is infrastructure investment, but we now need tourism plant, which encompasses hotels, restaurants, means of transportation, guides, in brief, anything that complements ports, airports and roads,” he said.

The private sector should introduce new services and products and unblock air connectivity investments so as to accomplish the goal of 7 million tourists by the bicentennial.

“We must innovate and be able to attract more people, we have to unlock the airport [second landing strip] project, which is one of our bottlenecks,” Gamarra noted.

He went on to add the Andean nation's hotel industry also arouses interest of foreign investors, and that President Kuczynski’s announcement provides a good framework for private investment.

For instance, North America, South America, and Europe-based firms have expressed interest in the hotel sector.
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