Monday, 7 November 2016

SWAZILAND: Swazi Rally Attracts International Tourists

This year's Swazi Rally, which was held in the last weekend of August at the Riders' Ranch, in Sidvokodvo, was a major success, as hundreds of visitors made the journey across Africa into Swaziland for the annual event.

This years’ Swazi Rally coincided with Umhlanga: The Reed Dance, the SADC Summit, and the Swaziland International Trade Fair, which has encouraged a vast amount of tourism to Swaziland over the past three months.

Marketing Manager for Swaziland Tourism Authority Bongani Dlamini was thrilled at the recent exposure. "We are always excited to receive first time visitors to the country, but we are overjoyed to see return visitors, as they serve to affirm that Swaziland is a sentimental place to be," he explains.

Several bikers from neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique, who formed part of the extravaganza in the biking community: the Swazi Rally, have expressed their genuine love for Swaziland, describing the country as beautiful, and the riding terrain as "a biker's dream".

In interviews, partners Kreepy and Jim, from a Cape Town-based riding club: The Brother's Keepers, said they were in the country for the first time but already felt connected to the surroundings and locals. "The people here are amazingly friendly, something we hardly see in Cape Town. The roads here are so well developed and kept, and we shall definitely be doing more rides in this country for many years to come as long as we live," declared the Capetonians.

Swaziland is known for hosting cultural and internationally recognised events year round. To learn more about Swaziland events, take a look at our dedicated calendar here.
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