Friday, 6 January 2017

TIBET: Tibet Travel Permit And Tibet Visa Information Updated On Jan 6th, 2017

Usually all have this perception that this region of China i.e.,Tibet has winter where by during the winter it is freezing so it is not advisable to travel to Tibet in this season but it is no so as we think because the temperature even today is 9-15 degree celcius with a sunny day and local Tibet pilgrims flock the region and enjoy the scenic winter tours and explore with the Tibetan Holidays .

There is no permit and visa restriction during the winter since Tibet Tourism Bureau is taking full interest in promoting the region of varying shades , culture and diverse weather conditions so within 7 days they grant permit bound to the region.

There will not be any restriction up to 20th Feb 2017 and there after all is closed until March end .

The permits would reopen from April 1st and would continue for all its restricted regions as well .
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