Monday, 2 January 2017

UAE: Qantas Delays Due To A Technical Problem , 480 Passengers Stranded

Almost 72 hours after they were originally scheduled to return to Australia from Dubai, scores of disgruntled Qantas passengers are finally back in Sydney.

Due to a technical problem on one of their A380 Airbuses, 480 passengers were stuck in Dubai three days ago and their New Year’s Eve plans were thrown into disarray.

The final 80 passengers of the drama-hit QF2 flight were back in Australia early this afternoon.

Qantas flight QF2 arrived in Sydney at 1.15pm today.

As the issue with the delayed aircraft had been resolved, it was placed back into service and operated this flight.

All customers who were impacted by the delays have now travelled to Sydney.

The 80 customers travelling on today’s service were all upgraded to ensure a bit of extra comfort.”

Engineers in Dubai worked on the A380 aircraft as affected Qantas customers were put up in hotels.

Some of those passengers due to travel on the problem flight were put on previous alternative Qantas services as well as on other airlines.

A technical problem caused the plane to be grounded at Dubai International Airport.

A statement issued by Qantas on the weekend read: “It’s expected that the 480 passengers delayed in Dubai will be on alternative services back to Australia within 24 hours. Passengers will continue to be put up in hotels at Qantas’ expense until they can be booked on another flight.

The aircraft will not fly until we are confident it is safe to return to service, the statement read.

It comes after there were unconfirmed reports from some passengers that they have had to fly via Doha as there are no direct flights back to Australia.

“The saga with QF2 continues we’re now back in the airport. Apparently no direct flight. Have to go via Doha,” an angry Sophie O’Neill wrote on Twitter.

The delay is the second one in a row for Qantas which has experienced other delays in Dubai.

Qantas confirmed to passengers what was going on via social media yesterday.

Passengers who were scheduled to fly out on Thursday from Dubai also waited around a day before they could board a flight to Sydney.

This group of passengers were transferred onto the next QF2 flight on Friday. This meant other Qantas passengers who were originally booked on the fight were left stranded in Dubai.

They had also arrived from Heathrow Airport in London.

Many passengers vented their frustration about the delays on social media.

“I’ve been delayed for 8 hours in Dubai airport. You sent people that you delayed yesterday off on my plane and now I’m stranded,” Mia Parkes-Talbot posted to the airline’s Facebook page from Dubai on Friday night.

“I really want to go home and celebrate New Year’s Eve with family, friends and dog.

“Please get me home now! Please get me home before I have to spend the first moments of 2017 in an airport hotel.”

Another wrote on Facebook: “4 hour delay now means spending New Years stuck on a plane. Cheers Emirates / Qantas. You better give me a free glass for my troubles. or better, an upgrade!”

Meanwhile, others searched for answers.

“You’ve put us up in a lovely hotel but we have no idea what time we’ll be leaving tomorrow. What time do we set our alarms for please? Help and communication would be great. Lots of uncertainty. Thanks,” Rob Voase wrote.

One person wrote on the Qantas Facebook page: “Hi Qantas, whats happening with your flights from Dubai? A friend is stranded there for days and may even miss NYE in Sydney.

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