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UGANDA: Discover Kyangabi Crater Resort At The Queen Elizabeth National Park

Welcome to Kyangabi Crater resort, a place to relax and get away from your routine activities to enjoy nature. Our 32 different styled rooms are designed to meet our guest’s personal preferences. We have conference rooms that are flexibly set for different types of meetings, seminars, trainings, etc. Parties and special events can be held in our gardens or banquet halls and our VIP lounge can be used for private meetings. As you explore nature do not forget to try out our wellness services like massage, gym and swimming pool. The extra ordinary cuisine that we offer will give you a lifetime memory.
Kyangabi Crater Resort gets its name from a nearby crater that used to be a habitat for many antelopes (Ngabi). It is located within the Western rift valley in Kichwamba Sub County, Rubirizi district, along the Mbarara-Kasese road.

Kyangabi Crater resort offers a wide range of services such as:
• Restaurant with a priceless panoramic view (including central dining room, internal and external bar)

• Craft shop where you can stock up on some of the best African attires and decorations

• A swimming pool with a sweeping view of the protected grassland.

• Bird-watching

• Amazing sunsets

• Cultural performances

• Satellite TV

•Two conference rooms

• A lounge, terrace and viewing deck

• Massages and facials

• Wifi available throughout the property

Game drives and walking safaris are offered in the mornings and late afternoons, giving guests plenty of time to relax beside the pool, gaze at the resident bird population and occasional elephant visitors. Afternoon tea can be served on the terrace and on some nights dinner is served beneath the stars

Kyangabi Crater Resort gives you comfort in a natural paradise. So dream, explore and discover!!!


The Peacock Restaurant
This is a colorful multiple cuisine restaurant that gives you a dynamic and exclusive experience of tropical and continental delicacies for wellness and healthy living.

The diverse exposure to local delicacies offers motivational ambiance for guests to experience both casual and safari dining in the middle of peacock culinary journey.

Kyangabi Crater Resort offers a whole new experience of breakfast with a spectacular sunrise that adds beauty to our breakfast and break-time snacks.

The lunch and dinner delicacies involve an exclusive African, Italian and Indian cuisine encompassing native and regional cuisines given the diversity in culture, occupation and climate. These dishes are then served customary to their taste be it mild, medium or hot.

Enkombe Lounge
With exquisite seating and surrounding, Enkombe gives you a peaceful, calm and traditional atmosphere for retreat and meditation from a busy schedule.

The seatings are made with an up close wi-fi connection, authentic satellite t.v break in rooms for small groups with digitally enhanced computer security systems, complementary food and drinks to broaden your connection with the world.

Enjovu Bar
Set with scenery over the garden, Enjovu’s versatile taste exposes you to an infinite highlight of relaxation with a broad range of soft and hard drinks away from the noise of the city center.

Whether you require nights outs, friendly get togethers, a relaxed evening by yourself, our bar terrace offers it all. Our broadcasts enhance your relaxation with state of the art wide LCD t.v and sensational music.

Enjovu Bar offers a wide collection of wines, spirits, liquors, signature cocktails,mock-tails and brewed coffee for your pleasure.

Poolside Bar
The bamboo poolside bar offers a casual lifestyle to open mindedness and expression of freedom accompanied with basks under the sun next to the pool to enhance your relaxation during the day.

To help you in your quest for infinitely better and cooler days, Kyangabi Crater Resort has rounded up the best pool side cocktail, poolside parties and drink ups, wines, whisky and soft beverages plus recreational activities; swimming, water games with an exclusive show of colorful lights surrounding the pool during evening hours.

The Bakery
The Bakery is open 24 hours and is ideal for early morning travellers. The wide range of colors gives our bakery a modern outlook coffee and teashop to be consumed with baked products.

Kyangabi Crater Resort offers a vast and comprehensive range of bread, pies, cookies, scorns and crackers with a cherry of artisan decorations professionally prepared by the best pastry Chefs Uganda has ever had.


With a unique style of traditional set up, the suites offer a spectacular piece of furnishing one queen sized bed that enhances your comfort and stay. Partitions of the suites give room for an eloquent lounge bar, grill and sensational kitchen for all your amenities.

The Suites are fully connected to Wi-Fi for 24hours.

Bask in the sun accompanied by the wide and amazing gaze of our suites, wild life viewing is at a glance captivating your adventure while enjoying a relaxed and calm environment.

The opulent bathrooms complete this beautifully appointed suite to perfection.

Queen Rooms
The Queen rooms are designed to relax and inspire you with comfortable linen and view of the sunset over Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The bedrooms are a showcase of furniture crafted beautifully in form of bedding furniture inscribed with images of wildlife that adorn the walls accompanied by a lavish bathroom.

These rooms are fully equipped with LCD wide screen for your entertainment.

Twin Rooms
The twin rooms come in handy with two super comfy beds. They feature all the amenities when
travelling with a friend that you will need for your convenience.

With modern and chic d├ęcor, you will be assured of a relaxed and restful stay in a calm and controlled environment over
looking the spectacle of the hills and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Family Block
The spacious and extended partitioning offers a home away from home for the family.

With an extended shared lounge and a twin bed room for the children, a fantastic ambiance and recreation.

The beautiful hills around the resort provide an ideal adventure for a family.

The family blocks offer an epic adventure for the children expressing its diversity in traditional and customary artifacts crafted on curtains for pictorial reference.

Our wellness club at Kyangabi Crater resort is dedicated to offer all your fitness and physical health needs in a pragmatic style and fashion.

Equipped with a modern state of the art gym, massage facilities and a swimming pool, our establishment provides the ideal setting for your work out needs.

The Gym offers spacious workout area coated with an exercise mat for warm ups and start-ups.

Physical exercise equipment; dumbbells, exercise bicycles, treadmills, inclined bench-press, resistance bands and all other amenities for your physical wellness is at a glance.

Exclusive comfort and freedom of expression clothe our changing and wash-up rooms with a lavish and unique taste of balance.

The gym also offers massage services to calm you down and bring relaxation after a long day of work.

Swimming Pool
Our swimming pool sides the blend to your relaxation and enhanced stay.

It is ideal for swimming, sunbathing or just relaxing on hot afternoons while being served by our stewards.
The pool has certified life guards when in use and is suitable for swimmers at all levels.

Kyangabi Crater Resort offers a broad setting for meetings, conferences and exhibitions. The conference and meeting rooms are designed for exclusive business meetings, private business meetings and functions of about 100 delegates.

Whether you want a product’s launch, birthday, art exhibition, in-house corporate dinners, seminars or private dinners and any event of your choice, Kyangabi Crater Resort is the place to be.

The two broad conference rooms (Entuha and Enkushu) are equipped with Wi-Fi, LCD Televisions, LCD projectors and Public Address Systems (PAS) alongside other amenities.

Camping at Kyangabi is a memorable lifetime experience. Your love for adventure will be elevated to a close interaction with the beautiful wildlife.

Our camping space gives a unique outlook for wildlife viewing; adventurous walks into the woods and campfires light up your extreme camping experience.

We offer lighting, security and sensational scenery. We advise that you carry a tent and sleeping camp equipment to make the experience more of a reality.

Fruit-picking Adventure
Adventure at Kyangabi just got better with an orchard of over 20 different fruit species ranging from cocoa, blackberries, date palms, pomegranates, macadamia nuts and star fruits, as well as vegetables such as pumpkins, cabbages, among others. Fruit lovers have the opportunity to experience the dynamism of harvesting the season’s fruit in a calm, relaxed and sanitized environment.

Craft Shop-Kyalo Pride
Kyangabi offers a unique blend and understanding of highly designed African crafts.

The inter-gallery collection of crafts brings you an extra-ordinary, exotic and unique collection of Ugandan products incomparable hand crafted products, tribal African, animal skins, horns from the finest and richest source-The Pearl of Africa.

The vast range of products include wooden handcrafts, drums, horns, African clothing, footwear, jewelry and other goods.

Bird Watching
Bird watching at Kyangabi exposes you to an up-close visual enhancement of different bird species in Uganda that are rare and hard to find elsewhere. Your connection with nature will sound so proficient with birds singing as you watch from the hotspots that Kyangabi offers.

The unending list of birds that come around include Crested cranes, Guinea fowls, Weaver birds, Shoebills, Sugar buzzards, flamingos, Marshal eagles, African schemers, Black bee eater, White tailed lark, among others.

Chimpanzee Tracking
Chimpanzee tracking can be done all year round from Kyambura gorge. Beyond chimpanzees, three other primate species can be tracked from the forest.

Primate species such as the black and white Columbus monkey and the endangered golden monkey that live in the canopy of the forest will give you a glimpse into their territory, which is nothing short of astonishing. The rich colour, energetic demeanour and sizeable troops are a sight to behold.

Near By Atttractions
The resort offers transport to various neighboring tourist attractions some of which include:

Twin lakes (Nyanzaibiri)
There are three sets of twin lakes near the resort, including Lakes Kyema and Kamweru,Katinda and Mirambi and Nyamusingiri and Kyasanduka.

Cave Visiting
‘Dave’ is a cave found near Lake Kamweru, encompassed by a forest, birds and monkeys that add to the natural feel of the cave.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
The park extends from Lake George in the northeast to Lake Edward in the southwest and is known for its wildlife, including Cape buffaloes, hippopotami, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, Congo lions, and chimpanzees. It is also home to over 95 species of mammals and 500 species of birds.

Kazinga Channel
The channel is a dominant feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park that links Lakes Edward and George. It has the world's largest concentration of hippopotami and numerous Nile crocodiles.

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