Monday, 16 October 2017

SINGAPORE: Woman Jailed 6 Weeks After Stabbing Husband

A woman in Singapore was sentenced to six weeks in jail for causing hurt to her husband when she came to know about his extra-marital affair.

She was tried in the Community Court by Judge May Mesenas.

The incident of violence took place on April 17, 2016, in the couple's Punggol home.

The woman, Fairuzana, was suffering from depression, said her lawyer Vigneesh Nainar.

The lawyer said that Fairuzana was 16 years old when she wedded Yasser, and the marriage was falling apart in January 2016 when Yasser informed his wife that he intended to marry his girlfriend.

She was devastated and confused by her husband's behaviour.

The assault took place in the couple's bedroom when Yasser received a message saying "I love you" from his girlfriend, whom he had met in the Philippines.

He replied by saying that he loved her too.

Enraged, Fairzuana, then 30 years old, snatched his phone.

A struggle followed, during which Yasser pushed his wife on the bed.

Fairzuana retaliated by bringing a knife and stabbing her husband in the chest, all the while yelling and crying.

Yasser grabbed her hand and threw the knife out of the window, calling the police soon after.

After being arrested, Fairzuana was taken to the Institute of Mental Health for a psychological analysis.

Doctors diagnosed her with adjustment with a recent acute situational reaction.

In the trial, the lady's lawyer detailed their marital history, stating that Yasser had been physically abusive throughout their time together, due to which the police had been called several times.

His wife had also had a personal protection order issued against him.

In spite of that, Fairzuana decided to stay in the marriage.

She was deeply regretful of her actions as it affected her relationship with her children, said her lawyer.

The couple, who have been together for 14 years, is now going through a divorce.

They have two children.

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