Thursday 3 January 2019

UGANDA: Flights To Entebbe Halted After Ethiopia Airlines Plane Boeing 737-800 Overshot The Runway When Landing

All incoming flights to Entebbe airport have been delayed or rerouted to neighbouring airports after an Ethiopian Airlines plane a Boeing 737-800 overshot the runway during landing today morning.

Although they were also delayed for several hours after the 12:41am incident, outbound flights can now take off according to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) public relations manager Vianney Luggya.

The ET 338 flight from Addis Ababa overshot the runway at 12:41 am today while landing according to statements by both Ethiopian Airlines and CAA. The cause of the incident is not yet known.

Entebbe airport is undergoing an expansion development to meet the increased traffic.

All 139 passengers and crew aboard were safely deplaned and now efforts are underway to tow away the plane from the runway end.

About how long it will take to clear the runway for inbound flights, Luggya says until when the plane has been towed away.

No date or time is known.

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