Wednesday, 8 May 2019

TANZANIA: inDriver Introduced In Tanzania

International online ride-hailing service inDriver now available in Arusha.

Arusha becomes the first city in Africa, where residents can set the cost of their trips

inDriver, an international online ride-hailing service, headquartered in New York, today becomes available to the inhabitants of Arusha. inDriver users can independently set the price for the trip, while drivers can choose the most profitable and convenient orders.

The only way to use taxi now in Arusha is to discuss the cost of the ride with driver directly. You cannot be sure if there will be drivers in place you want to leave, or if there will be enough passengers for good income today.

inDriver is a simple-to-use app that gives you possibility to make the rides that you want to make. For taxists inDriver is the easiest way to get more passengers just with their smartphones. And passengers use inDriver to have fare prices for their rides.

Arusha is the first city in Tanzania and in the whole continent, where international service inDriver was launched. The service has already connected more than 300 cars in Arusha, and dozens of new drivers are being registered daily.

At the initial stage after the start, inDriver will not charge drivers any commission.

inDriver has the option to make the rides safer. Passengers can share their rides with relatives or friends in messenger or social media just with one button.

This button was designed to make passengers sure that their near and dear people will not worry. The passengers can use "Share" button whenever they want during the trip.

Travelling with inDriver can be done throughout Arusha's city borders. Currently, one can pay for the ride only in cash, which allows to further reduce the cost of the trip, as when paying by card, the bank charges an additional commission.

All last week inDriver has been working in Arusha in test mode to collect first feedback. This week showed that prices became more attractive for passengers.

For example, for a ride from Clock tower to Philips with inDriver, users paid just 3000 shilingi, from Mianzini to Mount Meru Hospital 6000 shilingi.

Arusha is one of the most dynamic and large cities in the country with residents being in need to have good ride-hailing app. Until today, passengers could not order taxi ride from home and had to go to taxi station even in rain.

Taxi drivers had to sit many hours every day without orders. inDriver came to change this situation. We want customers and drivers have the most comfortable app for rides.

Already today, residents of Arusha, using inDriver, will be able to make the rides that they need at the time they need and from places they want.

Soon people in other big cities of Tanzania will be able to use it as well, said Yegor Fedorov, Business Development Director, inDriver.

You can download inDriver for free from the Google Play Store and AppStore.

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During the New Year holidays of 2012, the temperature dropped below -45C in the city of Yakutsk, Siberia, in Eastern Russia.

As a result, local taxi drivers simultaneously doubled the cost of rides — leaving riders out in the cold.

In response, the inhabitants of Yakutsk created an "Independent Drivers" group on Russia's social network, where people posted ride requests, listed the price they were willing to pay, and drivers accepted their orders.

In just six months, more than 60,000 people had joined the group. Not long after, the mobile app inDriver was created to replace the group, allowing passengers to independently set the most optimal terms for their rides.

Today, the service is used by 12 million users in 148 cities in 10 countries.

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