Wednesday, 1 March 2017

FIJI: Sydney Couple Kate And Nick Claim Food Poisoning At Fiji Hotel

The Fiji Tourism and Hoteliers Association is aware of claims made by an Australian couple that they ate rotten food while staying at a hotel in the Coral Coast.

CEO Fantasha Lockington says they cannot comment or act on it unless a formal complaint is made by the couple.

She says they also cannot comment on something that is now being heavily sensationalised on social media.

Lockington says there has never been a complaint of this nature against the hotel in question.

The Office of the Director of Tourism is also looking into the issue.

The woman who was on holiday with her partner in Fiji said that she ate a steak sandwich for lunch on their third day in the country and after that went through six hours of intense vomiting and fever.

Her partner also went through the same, saying he vomited partially digested sushi.

The couple claims it was food poisoning as they ended up on drips at the Sigatoka hospital.
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