Sunday, 5 March 2017

IRAN: Iranian Aviation Confex 2017

With the effective lifting of international sanctions against Iran in January 2016, the Iranian aviation industry is back to business. Iranian government officials and top aviation executives have signaled their ambitious revamp of the country’s aviation industry; moreover, international companies are seeking to sell modern aircrafts to Iran, renew its aging fleets and refurbish its aviation infrastructure.

Under this circumstance, we invite you to join us for Iranian Aviation Confex 2017 (IAC 2017), scheduled during 17th – 18th April 2017, in Tehran, Iran, a booming aviation market with great potential poised for huge growth and substantial change!

The theme of this year’s event is: Transforming the Post-sanctions Iranian Aviation Landscape. IAC 2017 will serve as a gateway to the post-sanctions Iranian aviation industry.

Abbas Akhundi, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development predicts that the country will require at least 500 new aircrafts in the next 5 years just to restock the fleets of various Iranian airlines.

Most notably, Iran signed MOAs respectively with Airbus and Boeing to buy more than 200 planes and US authorities permitted some deals in September, marking a significant milestone in the Middle Eastern country’s return to the international marketplace.

Meanwhile, Iran’s airport development is also top priority for the government as only 10 out of 67 airports of the country are currently operating efficiently. 27 airports will be undergoing major rehabilitation and refurbishment program with new terminals also coming up, making Iran a dynamic hotspot for airport development.

For air travel market, as the sky is open, new flights have been launched or planned to Tehran by international carriers, including Air Arabia, Air Canada, Air France, Air India, Air Serbia, British Airways, Flydubai, Korean Air, Thai Airways, etc. At the same time, Iran Air, the national flag carrier has plans to expand its services into North America, Australia and Europe.

In summary, with deliveries of new aircrafts, modernized and newly-built airport infrastructures, new flight routes launched domestically and internationally, and latest technologies coming in, we are confident the landscape of the Iranian aviation industry will be transformed dramatically in these aspects in the near future.

IAC 2017 aims to be an indispensable platform where all the stakeholders in the aviation industry could get together in Tehran and discuss the current outlook of the Iranian aviation industry, the opportunities and challenges for aircraft acquisition & aviation infrastructure investment, and envision the bright future.

We expect that 30+ industry leaders and 200+ senior executives will join this high profile event. No matter what your business activities are, IAC 2017 a must-attend aviation show.
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