Tuesday, 22 December 2015

CHINA: Another Chinese Tourist Grabs Seagull To Pose For Photos

Tourists in China have again been criticised for grabbing seagulls to take photographs with the wild birds, according to a news website report.

In the latest incident a man grabbed a gull while visiting a dam near Kunming in Yunnan province, Kunming.cn reported.

Photographs of the tourist’s behaviour were taken by an internet user who has been taking pictures of the birds for 30 years. They show a gull struggling to escape as it is manhandled by a visitor.

The photographer was quoted as saying it was the fourth time he had seen tourists grabbing gulls to take pictures.

“Seeing them injure seagulls, I feel pain in my heart, so I have come forward to stop them, ” the internet user said.

“I documented how they injure seagulls to warn tourists in Kunming not to harm birds, but get along with them.”

A tourist was strongly criticised last week after he grabbed a gull by the legs at a park in Kunming to pose for a photograph.

Media in China regularly run stories about the boorish or rude behaviour of some Chinese tourists.

The national tourism authorities have set up a blacklist of tourists considering to have behaved particularly badly.

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