Tuesday, 22 December 2015

CHINA: More Chinese Tourists Blacklisted For Mis Behaving And Causing Shame To China

Five more badly behaved tourists have been put on national blacklist by the authorities in China.

They include three people who got into a row over a seat that was tipped back on an airliner and man who attacked a convenience store worker in Japan.

Sixteen Chinese tourist have been put on the blacklist so far this year, the China Tourism Administration said on its website.

The three latest cases took place between August and October, it added.

A man from Shanghai, Rong Jiaxin, beat up a convenience store clerk who stopped his wife tearing apart food wrappers before paying for items at a store in Sapporo in September, the statement said.

Rong thought staff were humiliating his wife and punched a clerk on the nose.

Police later detained the couple.

Three people from Sichuan province in southwest China were put on the blacklist after they were involved in a scuffle on an airliner flying from Siem Reap to Chengdu in October.

A woman reclined her seat after boarding the plane and got involved in a row with another couple.

They were later forced to leave the plane and the flight was delayed for more than an hour.

The third incident involved a man, Huang Jiankui, from Hunan Province, the tourism authority said.

He quarrelled with a tour guide and hit them on the head with a teacup after refusing to buy a ticket for his child during a one-day tour of a mountainous resort in Sichuan province in August.

His child was taller than 1.2 metres and children under that height did not have to buy a ticket.

Twelve of the 16 Chinese tourists blacklisted so far this year were involved in incidents related to air travel, the tourism authority said.

These varied from opening emergency doors on aircraft to throwing hot water over flight attendants.

Tourists remain on the blacklist for one to three years and it is circulated to organisations including travel companies and airlines.

The media in China regularly reports on incidents of Chinese tourists behaving badly at home and abroad.

State media have said the behaviour of some Chinese tourists was damaging the country’s reputation overseas.

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