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NIGERIA: Interesting Places To Visit In Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is one of the most interesting places in all of Nigeria. From the winding creeks in the delta to the lush vegetation in the upland areas, the people are happy and friendly and for a first time visitor, the numbers of places to visit for a good time with friends and family are almost endless.

This post details some of the top places you just cannot afford to miss if you are in Port Harcourt on vacation or even business.

Port Harcourt Tourist beach
One place you definitely have to visit when in Port Harcourt is the amazing beach located in the Kolabi creek in old Port Harcourt. Drive through the apartment lined streets of the old town to the sandy beach that is the most popular of Port Harcourt many creek-lined beaches.

You can play in the cool water of the beach, listen to the local sounds of highlife and modern music from any of the bush bars on the beach.

You can also partake in local delicacies of palm wine, assorted spicy meats and other local dishes. Many tourists come here to play volleyball or beach football, take boat rides, go horseback riding, watch boat races or dive in the cool waters.

Bole King
Bole and Fish is the most famous of the Pitakwa cuisines. It is made from roast plantain and barbecued fresh fish dipped in very delicious red pepper, palm oil sauce.

Around almost every street corner in Port Harcourt, you can find jolly mammy mummies preparing this bole over hot charcoal.

One of the best places, by popular opinion, to have bole in Port Harcourt is at Bole King, located at D-Line in Port Harcourt.

Visit Bole King and partake of delicious bole with palm wine and fruit juices.

Port Harcourt Cultural center
Located on Bonny street, the Port Harcourt cultural center is completely devoted to showing the rich diversity of the Port Harcourt people and their culture.

Various exhibits to be found at the Center include local artifacts from as far back as before the founding of the city of Port Harcourt, African figurines and pottery, as well as a theater where cultural dances and plays are regularly held.

Port Harcourt Mall
The Port Harcourt mall is located on Azikiwe road, beside the Government house. Visiting Port Harcourt without visiting the mall is a huge no-no for people interested in seeing the city and taking back souvenirs.

Within the mall are countless shops from SPAR, Levi’s, DollarStore and many others to cinema theaters like FilmHouse cinemas and an innovative 9D cinema theater.

This is one place you should be sure to visit.

So you think shopping is not an awesome hangout thing to do on a Saturday? Well, maybe because you haven’t shopped at some of the awesome places in Port Harcourt.

Take a trip to the Port Harcourt Mall on Azikiwe road, Old GRA, with over 10 stores from Levi’s, Samsung, Dollarstore, SPAR, and so many others.

You are sure to find whatever you want and have fun doing so too. You may also visit the Genesis Center at Tombia street, GRA phase 2, to shop for exciting new outfits and gadgets at the Ruff n’ Tumble store as well as the electronics store for your smartphones and tablets. Other exciting places to shop in Port Harcourt this weekend include: Welldone Supermarket at Woji road-Olu Obasanjo junction and Everyday Supermarket.

Mile One Street Market
The Mile One market stretches down the Ikwerre road from the Mile One junction to the Education bus-stop/Park junction. Within this amarket you can find affordable items of clothing, electronics, books and stationery as well as lots of foodstuff.

If you are looking to taking home a souvenir of your Port Harcourt trip, this would be a good place to start.

If you love to see movies, and you do not like staying out late, this is definitely the best option for you on a Saturday.

There are many cinemas in Port Harcourt with lovely prices for individuals, couples and groups during the weekends and from 10 am all the way till 10:30 pm.

Depending on your location you could visit the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. It is located at Genesis Centre, 39, Tombia Street, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt. You could also visit the Silverbird Cinema at the former Obi Wali Cultural Center, Mile 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt.

For those who live closer to the Old GRA and Old Port Harcourt town, Filmhouse Cinemas located within the Port Harcourt Mall complex on Azikiwe road, beside the Government House is another perfect option.

So whichever option is closest to you, if you are a moviegoer, you would definitely be having a lot of fun hanging out in Port Harcourt.

Weddings are fun! There is loud music, comedy, cake, dancing people and free food and drinks! And you don’t even have to bring a gift for the couple…shhhh!

There are a lot of weddings in Pitakwa every Saturday and you don’t have to wait till you are invited.

Bored and looking for where to go (where you also do not need to spend much to have a good time) weddings are a definite option. But don’t forget to wish the new couple well though!

Hang Out
Go out for a few drinks, listen to some music and simply unwind in a friendly atmosphere at any of the major lounges in Port Harcourt. Some of them include the Cubana Lounge and Events Center on Abacha road in GRA Phase 2, up on the Terrace of the Elkan Terrace Hotel also on Abacha road, The SkyBar at the penthouse of the Genesis Center in GRA Phase 2, The Beer Barn on King Perekule street also in GRA Phase 2 and so many others.

Sure you’ve been expecting this one. If you are a nightowl and you don’t mind being groggy the next day, clubbing is one of the surest ways to have a lot of fun in Port Harcourt especially on a Saturday.

Some of the clubs include Blinkx Lounge (which turns into a club at night) that can be found in GRA Phase 2, Cubana Lounge, Platinum Club at the Hotel Presidential, Everyday Dance Bar in GRA phase 2 and so many others. Drink, listen and dance to nice music and meet a lot of new friends.

So there you are, five awesome places to hangout in Port Harcourt this Saturday. Share this article and also lets know your thoughts and how your hangout went by using the comment below.

Oil Mill Market
Easily the most popular market in Port Harcourt, this market is situated by Aba road expressway, close to the Eleme junction on the outskirts of the city.

At the Oil Mill market which holds every Wednesday, any and every kind of good is sold; from foodstuff to clothing, bags, shoes, mats etc.

Due to its closeness to the commercial hub at Aba and the ports at Onne, the prices for the items are very cheap.

Choba Market
Located on the outskirts of town near the University of Port Harcourt, this market specializes in all kinds of goods, from foodstuff to clothing items.

The prices are subsidized due to the proximity to the university. The market is open every day, however, on the traditional Choba Market Day which holds every eight days, the prices are considerably cheaper as items are brought in from the farms in Emuoha, Ahoada and Etche to be sold at very affordable rates.

Choba market also sports an interesting night market everyday where items can be bought at very low prices, depending only on the bargaining power of the buyer.

Borokiri Market
Located within the old Port Harcourt Town in Borokiri, this market specializes in seafood such as crabs, crayfishes, mussels, prawns, croakers, and so many more.

The prices of these fishes are usually really cheap because of the proximity of the market to the Bonny and Okirika rivers and creeks.

This market holds every day of the week.

Bori Camp market
The Bori Camp is a military base and as such the market operates like a barracks mammy market.

Many of the goods sold include foodstuff and even electronics. However, this market specializes in yams, onions, peppers, beans and potatoes.

It serves as the depot in Port Harcourt for foodstuff coming in from the Northern part of Nigeria. The market is open every day.

Mile 1/3 market
Separated by a mile, the markets at Mile 1 and Mile 3 in Diobu operate similarly and have thus been joined as one. Both markets sell different kinds of food items, clothing and electronics.

However, the food sold here, which also includes assorted fishes are usually very cheap. Mile 1 market especially serves as an indicator of inflated prices in Port Harcourt. If it is expensive in Mile 1 market, it is definitely expensive everywhere else.

The markets are open every day.

Ikoku Spare Parts Market
Also situated in Diobu, Ikoku market is the spare parts market of Port Harcourt. If you are looking for any sort of machinery or spare part for any kind of vehicle, generator set, or arcane machinery, you would definitely find a part in Ikoku market.

The saying goes that if it is not in Ikoku, then it is nowhere else. The prices are fair, depending on the spare part being sought. The market is also open every day.

Rumuokoro Market
Located at the Rumukoro junction, this market is one very exciting market for one major reason: early in the morning, before 8:00 am, prices at the market are at an all-time low.

As the sun climbs up in the day, the prices however begin to rise.

This is because villagers from the communities in Etche and Iguruta come in very early to sell their products before the real market commences.

Early risers always stand to make a killing in this market. Rumuokoro market specializes in foodstuff, though electronics and clothing are also sold, and the market is open every day of the week.

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