Tuesday, 25 April 2017

AUSTRALIA: Luring Chinese Tourists With 10 Year Multi-entry Visa

Tourism markets in all countries are becoming more and more profitable because of several reasons. First of all, high-speed transportation facilities are allowing people to visit faraway lands quickly and comfortably. Social media and the internet are also encouraging people to visit a new place and explore natural beauty with man-made marvels.

Some countries like Australia are successfully promoting its tourist friendly places in order to attract tourists from all over the world. Every year Australia earn billions of dollars through tourism market and most of the tourist in Australia come from China, therefore, Australian government is thinking about giving special facilities to Chinese tourists.

Australia has announced to grant 10-year multi-entry visas to Chinese visitors. This new initiative was taken in December of last year and now Chinese people can enjoy visits to Australia whenever they want.

Every country analyzes its tourism market to find out people which countries are more important for their market. Analysts in Australian tourism market found that Chines tourists are more generous than tourist of other countries. On average one tourist spends almost 3500 ISD in Australia on his one visit.

It is a very good amount as compared to the average spending amount per tourist in any other country. The found that Chinese tourists in Australia spend almost 6000 USD on his one visit. This is the very high amount and Australian government doesn’t want to frustrate this market segment other tourism in the country will reduce its strength.

Every year this country enjoys economic activities of more than 6.5 billion USD just because of Chinese people. These economic activities are allowing thousands of people in the country to earn a decent amount of money.
Hospitality Market

Hotel and restaurant business are thriving in this country and huge credit goes to tourists from China. One of the biggest reason for this generosity of Chinese tourists is that the economy of China is growing very rapidly. The GDP of china has increased a lot over the past few years.

The number of people in the upper-class group is increased and more and more people are entering in the middle class group. Moreover, Chinese millennials are very adventurous and they love to explore new places. They visit new places with their families which are why Chinese millennials have huge respect all over the world.

Chines tourists are very generous not only in Australia but also in other parts of the world. USA and Canada have already approved the regulation which allows Chinese citizens to have 10-year multiple visit visa.

This policy of Canada and USA encourage Australia to think about it. Australian tourism officials are doing some experiments to increase the revenue from this market.

A few months ago, they introduced special visa of three years to Indonesian tourists. They allowed people with this visa to visit Australia whenever they want but they can’t stay here more than three months.

Moreover, Australian government also don’t allow tourists and visitors to work in their country. This policy was very reasonable and they observed that number of tourists from Indonesia and revenue generated from them has increased a lot.

These things motivated the government to announced special visa for Chinese citizens and government is very hopeful to see the positive results of this action.

John O’Sullivin is the managing director of Australian tourism and he is very happy about this new visa policy. He says it is not enough to just extend the expiry date of the visa. Government and people of this country need to do something more special to bring more visitors in this country.

The best thing they can do is that they should provide luxurious facilities to Chinese people and give them special treatment. It will make them happy and when they go back to their country they will tell other about the behavior of Australian people and government.

It will encourage other Chinese people to visit this country.

Usually, officials of the tourism industry of different countries spend thousands of dollars to promote their country’s positive point to attract other country’s people but the best way is to use visitors for the promotion of their country. Let me ask you one thing. Will you travel to any country just because of advertisements on TV and social media or will you give more importance to the recommendation of your friend who has visited the country himself? This is a very simple question but it holds the success of tourism market of every country.

Treat your visitors well and they will come back with more guests.
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