Thursday, 29 September 2016

BANGLADESH: Hospitality Training In Bangladesh

Regency Hospitality Training Institute (RHTi) is rewriting the era of industry skills development program in Bangladesh by initiating various training programs supported and collaborated with international skill development agencies and awarding bodies and organizations in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Regency Hospitality Training Institute focuses on providing professional training and education to ensure students are “job ready”. It provides the professional training in the “real world” of the 5-star Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort as an integrated and fundamental part of the offered courses. Whether on the front desk, in the kitchens or in the restaurants, students of RHTi are getting the necessary professional training that will be the basis of their qualifications. This ensures they possess the expertise to take up positions anywhere in the world to demonstrate their learning.

The Institute has been established under the direct initiative and patronisation of Shahid Hamid, FIH the Executive Director of Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort. Shahid is an highly regarded hospitality expert in Bangladesh who is always helpful for providing training to youths and job placement in the sector. The inclusion of RHTi is a step forward in the skill development program in hospitality sector.

Within a very short span of time after formal inauguration in February 2016, RHTi now becomes Registered Training Organization (RTO) of Bangladesh Technical Educational Board (BTEB) and thus qualifies as an approved hospitality training provider by international bodies like ILO, ADB, etc. RHTi is on the verge of providing hospitality training to the underprivileged youths of the country through B-SEP project under ILO governance.

eHotelier has been directly involved in assisting the development of the new institute with the Dean of the e-Hotelier Academy Prof. Peter A. Jones advising on the design and content of the curriculum along with eHotelier Vice President Matthew Stephens, who has directly helped with training resources and provided professional liaison references with the hospitality industry around the globe, especially in MENA and Southeast Asia and Pacific region. Currently approximately 3.4 million Bangladeshis are working in the hospitality industry in the MENA region. The references for placement by Matthew and eHotelier will enable RHTi to meet the needs of both local and international industry and eHotelier will continue to support the Institute through the Academy and its international network.

RHTi is the ace approved center of prestigious City & Guilds to offer Certificate and Diploma program and it is already enlisted to be an approved training provider through SEIP (Skill for Employment Investment Program) project funded by Asian Development Bank through the Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh. It is worth mentioning here that huge high school dropouts (about 55% after twelve grade) are there who are seeking employment or like to add themselves to the labour force of the country, but unfortunately could not do so as they lack skills to transfer in jobs. RHTi aims at converting these dropouts to hospitality workers ready to place in upcoming hotels locally as well as globally.

Moreover, RHTi is the local access point (LAP) of North Chiang Mai International College under the North Chiang Mai University where our students can transfer their full credit towards their Bachelor program in Hospitality Management (from 2017 Post-graduate program will be offered) with two lucrative paid internship in Singapore and Australia as well as guaranteed global job placement after successful completion.

Further, RHTi is the practical training provider for the Bachelor students of Tourism and Hospitality department of the country’s most prestigious University of Dhaka for their future career needs.

RHTi not limited itself in eduction and training. It expands its’ services to corporate and other service industries who require development in any manner of their organizations, such as; Bangladesh Army officers mess staffs, boutique hotels, multinational companies, government organizations like DESCO, Bangladesh Police, Ansar and VDP and so on.

The courses offered by the Regency Hospitality Training Institute are internationally recognized and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality (IoH), UK, City & Guilds, UK – the international professional body for managers in the hospitality and tourism industry. This endorsement ensures that the programs are meeting international benchmarks and are considered to support and promote continuing professional development. All of the programs are delivered in English which supports the students’ aspirations and ensures they are fully equipped to be able to take positions at the highest level of the industry.
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