Monday, 26 September 2016

Roatan One Of The Best Diving Places In The World

Honduras is Great.- Mergulho, the most prestigious magazine dive Brazil started the special edition of this year called the "Best Dives of the World" and they decided to start with Roatan; Mergulho which in Spanish means dive or buceada published the following:

The planet, as we know, is very large and two thirds of it are covered by the sea. So, what are lacking are not good places to dive, then.

The answer lies in the surprises that hide the waters off the small island of Roatan: Wrecks, Walls, reefs, shoals and two special attractions such as the dips guaranteed with dolphins and sharks, trademarks of this island makes living basically diving .

For Brazilians, Roatan still book three advantages: it is relatively close, in Central America, has the Spanish as an official language and practice prices well below the average of the other Caribbean islands.

As if all that were not enough, the island is surrounded by the second barrier reef in the world, which, alone, justifies its inclusion in the best dives in the world. They are or not good reasons to Roatan inaugurate this series?
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