Thursday, 22 September 2016

African Union Commission To Host Africa Fashion Reception

Swazi fashion has reached the pinnacle of international standards, as Kokonut Stylist has been selected to represent Swaziland in the African Union – Africa Fashion Reception 2016.

Kokonut Stylist is a local contemporary high-fashion brand founded by Koko Shabangu. The African Union Commission is set to host the Africa Fashion Reception at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa in September and Paris, France in October 2016.

A total of 30 African fashion designers and stylists were selected to each represent their respective countries at the African Fashion Business Summit. According to the press release from the African Union Commission, only one top designer has been nominated by the Executive Board of the Africa Fashion Reception to represent each of the participating countries.

This is a build-up for the massive show where each of the selected representatives from the African countries will showcase their lines in Paris in October 2016. The nomination for Kokonut Stylist came about after the committee saw the fashion house’s profile on social media platform Instagram.

The committee then communicated with their local partner, Nicole Samuels to notify Kokonut Stylist to submit their latest Fashion Look book for review by the committee, it was then that they were approved to represent Swaziland. The Creative Director of Kokonut Stylist, Koko Shabangu elatedly elaborated how this is a big deal for her brand especially because African fashion is a big influencer in global fashion trends.

“This is the first African Fashion Business Summit that the African Union will host, and to say it is a huge honour for Kokonut Stylist to represent Swaziland on such a platform would be a gross understatement, I have been swimming in bubbles of glee ever since I found out,” stated Koko.

She further mentioned that as a fashion stylist who is contributing to the contemporary fashion culture, this is a great way for her and her brand to export the Swazi contemporary culture and explore the cultures of other African designers/stylists.

She informed us that the launch of their new accessory line called Atibuye Emasisweni, which uses the traditional Swazi Lihiya to make fashionable jewellery is what put her brand on the African map.

“I do not doubt that our latest accessories are what got the committee to decide to pick Kokonut Stylist to represent Swaziland, they are absolutely amazing and beautifully crafted. The committee mentioned that they were looking for innovators in the fashion sector and I guess Kokonut Stylist has done that with the Swazi culture inspired accessories.”

She further mentioned that she will be jetting off to showcase Kokonut Stylist Spring/Summer 16 Fashion line in Addis Ababa in 12 days and Paris in eight weeks.

“I cannot even put to words how excited I am to go to Paris as a fashion stylist representing Swaziland and not just as a tourist. I have loved Paris for as long as I have adored my icon Coco Chanel who was from Paris. I look forward to visiting the Chanel Fashion House on 31 Rue Cambon and be in the same house as my fashion icon, this is the best thing to have ever happened in my life!

“In Addis Ababa we will have a meet-and-greet with Christina Marozzi from Milan who is also one of the women I admire greatly in fashion,” added Koko with excitement.
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