Friday, 17 March 2017

ANTIGUA: Ministry Of Tourism Gets Challenge From Violence Against Tourists

Minister of Tourism Asot Michael singled out violence against tourists as one of many challenges that is being faced by the Ministry of Tourism.

Referencing the recent shootings that took place over the holiday weekend, Michael added that it was important to manage incidents of violence against tourists.

Speaking specifically to the Christmas Day shooting of Christopher Tester, a British national who was vacationing with his family, Michael said: “Look at this simple shooting, the PR [public relations], the nugget of fallout that they can create for a destination; you have to manage those situations — safety, crime, security — all of these things.”

Tester’s story has been featured heavily in the British press over the past few days.

An online campaign to fund Tester’s treatment abroad has raised £60,000 at the time of publication.
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