Saturday, 4 March 2017

SAUDI ARABIA: Dreaming Of Taking Bosnian 2nd Wife

Bosnian authorities have stipulated that Saudi citizens wishing to travel to Bosnia Herzegovina must obtain entry visas, whether their visit is commercial, personal or touristic and that its laws prohibit married Saudis from marrying a Bosnian woman.

The country has emerged as a new travel destination for Saudis.

The Saudi Embassy in Bosnia Herzegovina has published on its website a number of conditions for its nationals to travel to Bosnia which include obtaining an entry visa from the Bosnian Embassy in Riyadh.

The embassy stressed that Bosnian law doesn’t allow the marriage of a Saudi man to a Bosnian woman, unless he has proof that he isn’t married.

Bosnian authorities have clarified that a Saudi traveler to Bosnia should receive a commercial invitation from a Bosnian company or establishment; a personal invitation from a Bosnian citizen or a tourist visa with a confirmed booking in one of the hotels.

Saudis with diplomatic or special passports are exempt from these conditions.
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