Friday, 3 March 2017

Woman Sues Emirates Claims She Fainted And Sustained Injuries After Airline Staff Denied Her Water.

Lina Di Falco is taking on one of the biggest airlines in the world after she was allegedly refused a glass of water on a long-haul flight to Dubai.

Lina claims she collapsed from dehydration during the flight, where she sustained serious injuries.

The Australian woman was travelling from Melbourne on flight EK407 in March 2015, when the incident occurred.

She said the cabin was hot and asked the flight attendants for some water on numerous occasions as she was feeling dehydrated.

However, Lina claims the staff refused to give her water and told her that food would be served in a couple hours time and refreshments would be provided then.

But the woman continued to feel queasy and decided to make her way to the bathroom where she fainted.

She claims that she injured her right ankle as a result of collapsing and has since had two surgeries.

Despite this, Lina says that she has been left with some permanent damage to her ankle.

Now, Lina has filed her claim to the Supreme Court seeking a payout for damages, interests and costs.

The statement of claims alleges that “the incident by reason of the failure of the defendant… to provide water when requested by the plaintiff in order to rehydrate herself.”

Lina’s lawyer, Danielle D’Alessandro said: “Had Ms Di Falco been provided with water upon request, this injury could have been avoided.

“Emirates’ omission turned Ms Di Falco’s holiday into a nightmare.”

She added: “Ms Di Falco has been left with a significant lifelong injury that could have been avoided by the simple provision of water by aircraft staff.”
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