Sunday, 4 June 2017

RUSSIA: Aeroflot Receives Prestigious Award For Its Mobile App

Aeroflot has received the prestigious TADVISER IT-PRIZE 2017 in the Mobile App of the Year nomination .

The awards ceremony for companies with the most advanced IT integrations was held on May 31st at the TAdviser SummIT forum in Moscow, which brought together clients and providers of leading edge IT services.

The event was organised by, which is Russia’s leading portal in the field of corporate digitalization under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Communications.

Mobile app development is one of the key aspects of Aeroflot’s strategy. Aeroflot’s mobile app is the company’s most rapidly growing sales channel.

Monthly ticket sales via Aeroflot’s mobile app total more than RUB 1 billion.

The app’s user base is also growing rapidly, with more than 1 million active users at present.

Aeroflot’s mobile app offers a qualitatively new level of customer service as well as a range of useful services, from check-in and personal account management to choosing the right fare and buying a ticket.

The number of services will expand further. Aeroflot plans to update its app at least once a month.

Mobile apps have enabled more feedback from customers. Aeroflot passengers actively use all communication channels, including AppStore and Google Play reviews, to share their opinions, views and recommendations with regards to mobile apps and their functionality.

Aeroflot is a leader among both domestic and international airlines when it comes to implementing cutting-edge IT.

Aeroflot has been ranked fourth among global airlines in terms of digitalization, according to Bain&Company’s rating.

British Airways is likely to lose its four-star status because of cost-cutting and poor service, leaving it trailing Russia’s carrier.

British Airways is expected to be downgraded to a three-star rating because of declining standards — leaving it with a worse rating than Russia’s Aeroflot.

Skytrax, a research organisation that reviews all the world’s major carriers, said it is “likely” BA will lose its existing four-star grade, which it said had become less and less valid because of cost-cutting.

Demotion to a three-star airline would put BA which once boasted the slogan “the world’s favourite airline” — on a par with Uzbekistan Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Myanmar Airways and Ryanair.

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