Monday 26 June 2017

UAE: 2 Million Passengers To Pass Through Dubai Airport,Munich Airport New Service To Arab Travellers

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is anticipating heightened traffic during the week with more than 1.9 million passengers expected to pass through.

The busiest day for departures will be Friday, June 23 with more than 76,000 departing passengers while June 30 will be the busiest day for total traffic (departing, arriving, and connecting) with more than 262,000 customers.

Dubai Airports will augment staff levels and employ passenger flow monitoring technology that allows the airport, airlines, and control authorities to detect and deploy staff to areas of high passenger concentrations.

Further, the airport’s new smart gate service, which allows the use of Emirates ID cards upon arrival and departure, will reduce immigration transaction times to 10-15 seconds and alleviate congestion at immigration points.

“Due to the heavy passenger loads we want to remind passengers to give themselves a bit of extra time to get to and through the airport,” said Dubai Airports’ senior vice president of communication & reputation Anita Mehra.

Emirates is expecting more than 106,000 travellers to pass through Terminal 3 during the weekend and Eid period.

Meanwhile, from July 24 up to and including September 10, 2017, Germany's Munich Airport will offer Arabic-speaking personal shopping assistants on request in Terminal 2.

The native Arabic speakers will be be available to bridge any cultural or language gaps between passengers and the personnel serving them in airport shops. They can also guide travellers through the Terminal 2 shopping area and provide information on offers and products. The service will be free of charge for passengers.

The shopping assistants can also help in case of questions on sales tax refunds or customs formalities. Their uniforms will sport the embroidered text "Arabic Shopping Assistant" so they can be easily identified by passengers.

Staff who work for the retail shops in Terminal 2 have been briefed on the new service and advised that they can call a shopping assistant on request.

Bavaria's gateway to the world is so far Europe's only airport to earn the "five-star airport" title from London-based Skytrax Institute. It has also been selected as the "best airport in Europe" 10 times in the past 12 years at the World Airport Awards presented annually by Skytrax. Moreover, Munich Airport's Terminal 2 was selected by Skytrax as "the world's best airport terminal" for the first time in 2017.

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