Wednesday, 28 June 2017

CHINA: Vegetable Vendor Flees After Picking Bag With US$48,500 On The Street

A vegetable seller fled from the city where she works in eastern China after she found a bag containing 330,000 yuan (US$48,500) in the street.

Police were able to identify the woman using surveillance camera footage and traced her to her home town a week later.

The bag was dropped on the road from the back seat of an electric bike when its owner, the boss of a logistics firm, was riding the vehicle to his company in Nanjing in Jiangsu province on May 30.

About a minute later, the vegetable seller rode past on a motorcycle and picked up the snakeskin bag.

Rather than handing it in to the police, the woman fled to her home town in neighbouring Anhui province the same day.

Other traders working at the market where the woman sold vegetables told the police she had not been seen for several days, the report said.

After the police showed up at her home, the woman said she would have returned the bag if she had watched the TV news and known the owner was looking for the money.

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