Sunday, 25 June 2017

EGYPT: Nile Air Purchases Latest Airbus A321neo

Nile Air company has requested to purchase the most recent single-aisle airbus planes, model A321neo.

The company made the purchase request to the European manufacturing company for the model A321ceo in April, as an upgrade from A321neo.

CEO of the company, Ahmed Ali, said that Nile Air is the first airline company in Egypt to request the latest technologies of an airbus of the single-aisle model of A321neo.

He added that A321neo airbus will provide “new levels of comfort and longer flight time.” The company’s goal is to show their commitment to operation of the latest fleets of aircrafts from their Egyptian headquarters.

He said the airplane will contain 220 seats in business and economy cabins.

The new flexibility and abilities of the A321neo will allow Nile Air increase and expand the company’s flights to Europe, the Middle East and local destinations in Egypt.

The new plane is equipped with the latest amenities, including comfortable seats, advanced technology for entertainment and the latest technology in flying, according to Ali.

Ali said that there was a has been a contract to purchase the plane since 2007.

The airbus 320neo family, which includes A321neo, provides the latest engine technology which saves 15 percent of fuel and provides longer operation time, in addition to a low cost of maintenance and less harmful emissions.

With nearly 4500 purchase request from about 80 clients since the launching of this model in 2010, the A320eno has acquired a market share of 60 percent..

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