Friday 30 June 2017

COSTA RICA: Roca Bruja Among The Best Surfing Spots In Costa Rica

Roca Bruja or Witch Rock in Playa Naranjo, Guanacaste is one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica, very well-known among local surfers but not as promoted for tourists who many times come and go without ever hearing about his fantastic spot.

Roca Bruja originally Peña Bruja, Playa Naranjo is part of the Santa Rosa National Park, there are no constructions here or infrastructure of any sort except for the park rangers’ house, but it is close enough to Playa Hermosa, Playa Panamá and Playas del Coco that this is not an issue, if you are planning on spending the day here though, it is important that you go well prepared.

The name Roca Bruja refers to a massive rock sitting in the ocean, locals say that it was called that because in the past when the wind would blow against portion of the rock it would make a very scary whistle like noise.

The majority of the surfers choose to arrive here by taking a motor boat in Playas del Coco or Tamarindo, they do some snorkeling along the way and spend the day surfing in this beautiful and peaceful beach.

Others however, prefer to camp in the area (there is a charge of around $20 per person and only a very basic toilet) and spend some days enjoying this location, this is recommended only for those that are used to real camping and come well prepared.

There is a beach close by known as Playa Huevo (Egg Beach), nestled between several small islands that form a bay where the water is almost transparent, idyllic.

Although the surfing conditions are best during the dry season (December through March) you can still surf during the rainy season with some precautions.

This place is worth visiting even if you don’t surf; if you are staying in another area of Guanacaste just inquire about local tours to Roca Bruja and Playa Huevo.

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