Wednesday 28 June 2017

CHINA: Husband And Wife Fight At Airport, Pilot Declines To Allow Them On The Plane

A man and woman were detained at an airport in southwest China on Tuesday for brawling on the tarmac as they were boarding their flight, which was delayed for half an hour, a local news portal reports.

Couple, who were boarding their flight in Yunnan, said to be undergoing divorce negotiations

The incident happened at Kunming airport in Yunnan province as they were boarding a China Eastern Airlines flight to Chengdu, Sichuan province, that was parked on the tarmac..

Police said the two passengers were husband and wife, who were in the course of divorce negotiations when the fight broke out.

The husband without his shirt, fighting with his wife on the tarmac. The couple late tried to enfer the aircraft but were barred by the pilot.

The couple started to quarrel after stepping off an airfield passenger bus. While other passengers boarded the plane, the pair lingered at the foot of the aircraft steps and eventually broke into a fight, according to witnesses.

The woman was pinned on the ground by the man, whose shirt was torn off by the woman.

When they stopped fighting, the couple tried to board the plane but the captain refused and called airport security instead.

The plane took off at 11.30am following a half-hour delay, and arrived in Chengdu an hour later.

Police said they couple were severely criticised for their behaviour, which violated airport safety, and offered them counselling before releasing them without charge.

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