Sunday, 25 June 2017

THAILAND: Nation Bike Thailand 2017

About 1,200 cyclists in Songkhla and nearby provinces joined the “Nation Bike Thailand 2017” ride in Songkhla, which was held on Sunday under the theme of “Pan Muang Kila, Songkhla Song Lae”, or “cycling in the sport city of two-sea Songkha”.

The participants started the 30-kilometre ride at Song Thale Park’s Serpent Naga Head fountain plaza and proceeded on a seaside route and into the old city area. The event coincided with the southern province’s hosting the 45th Thailand National Games until Friday.

The ride was part of the year-long Nation Bike Thailand 2017 campaign, which is being held by Nation TV in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors, the CP Group and other partners in participating provinces.

Celebrating its fourth year, the campaign is aimed at promoting exercise, good health through cycling, tourism and protecting the environment.

Twelve provinces will host the event from March to December.

Meanwhile, Following an order by Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong, a 'task force' of 100 police and soldiers raided 16 massage venues in and near Poonpol Night Plaza on Friday night. The raids were led by Capt Bhavorn Promkeawngam.

The purpose of the operation was to suppress illicit behavior, including possession of drugs, working without a permit and human trafficking.

Police say the massive effort uncovered five illegal migrant workers, all female, from three venues, as follows:

– at the Violin Massage parlor: 1 Lao, 2 Hill Tribe girls from the north of Thailand (non-Thai)

– at the Angel Massage parlor: 1 Cambodian

– at the Euro Massage parlor: 1 Hill Tribe woman

All were taken to a police station for questioning.

The personnel in every shop were urine-tested for drugs, with none found. Everyone was clean and no prostitution was found either, Capt Bhavorn said.
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