Friday, 16 June 2017

THAILAND: Phuket Police Investigate Toilet Fight Involving An American Tourist

The motive behind an attack on a toilet attendant in Patong by a group of foreigners remains unclear as the victim has refused to a file a complaint.

On May 3, a Facebook user offered a reward of Bt5,000 to anyone who could help him find the foreigner who allegedly refused to pay a Bt10 fee to use a toilet on Bangla Road.

Patong Police managed to learn the name of the foreigner involved and the fact that he was American. He has already departed Thailand.

Police also learned that the ‘child’ was actually 20 years old, not 10 as claimed by his father. The attendant is named Abdullah Seesahae and he says he does not want to file a complaint as the tourist has already left the country.

The cause of the attack remains unclear at this stage. The boy told us that he got attacked by the foreigner who refused to pay the Bt10 toilet fee.

On the other hand, some say that the boy was trying to sneak a peek at the man’s female companions while they were using the toilet, which is what caused the fight,said Maj Korapol Leangboonjinda of Patong Police.

After seeing more footage from CCTV, we know that the boy retaliated by attacking the foreigner back with a knife. That is how we located him through hospital records, he added.

Police said that they would not take action as neither side has filed a complaint.

According to the boy’s father,who goes by the Facebook user name 'Tohee Seesa' and who has now either deleted or temporarily suspended his Facebook account, this is not the first time that a customer has refused to pay the fee and attacked his son.

He added that this was the reason he had installed a CCTV camera at the facility to begin with.

Meanwhile, An Indian tourist was reunited with his stolen jewelry after Patong Police tracked down the snatchers via CCTV footage and arrested them Sunday night.

The victim, Dr Deepak Kumar Sharar, was visiting Phuket for a conference. He reported the incident, which occurred near Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Resort on Saturday night, to Patong Police.

Kumar told us that two ladyboys approached him and initiated a conversation. Suddenly, one of them grabbed the chain from around his neck. The two then escaped the scene on a motorbike, said Lt Col Somsak Thongkleang of Patong Police.

Witnesses at the scene provided a description of the suspects and their motorbike, enabling police to track their movements through CCTV footage. They were arrested at their house and charged with robbery.

Both suspects were taken to Patong Police Station for further questioning.
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