Tuesday, 14 February 2017

CHILE: Tortel Villa O'Higgins

Known as the city of bridges, Tortel invites visitors to take a stroll through 7.5 kilometers of platforms, bridges, and stairs built with cypress wood, which connect the various sites of this picturesque place declared a “Typical Area” due to its architecture and lifestyle.

Explore the mouth of the Baker River, the most-voluminous river in Chile, and take a sailing trip to uncover the mysteries of the nearby Island of the Dead. Here you will find dozens of tombs and crosses reminding visitors of the workers who disappeared in the sea after a tragic shipwreck.

Visit Villa O’Higgins, the last town on the Carretera Austral. You can depart from here for the basin of the Mosco River, where you will find a major huemul colony amidst peat bogs and hills. Along with the condor, these timid deer adorn the Chilean coat of arms.
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