Sunday, 5 February 2017

ECUADOR: Visit Ecuador For Your Honeymoon

Forget about all the tensions and hazards in life. It's time to celebrate. It's time to enjoy. After all you are going to start a new chapter in your life with your life partner. You have some time to spend together.

Make the most of it and begin this new phase with a wonderful trip to Ecuador. Make it your honeymoon place. What could be more pleasurable than Ecuador? But before you plan you must check out for better information on Ecuador honeymoon destinations.

Mitad Del Mundo in Ecuador : It is a beautiful village for visiting. The specialty of this place is that you get the opportunity to have a close look at the northern and southern hemisphere here. This place includes both of them. The other attractions are planetarium, the solar museum and the famous monument called Mitad del Mundo Equatorial.

Old Colonial Quito : As the name suggests this place has an old world charm. The attractions that this place includes are historic churches, old buildings, Plazas, Museums and so on. Other attractions are Cathedral Metropolitana, Palacio de Gobierno, Plaza del Teatro and many other interesting places.

Otavalo Market : This is an Andean artisans market and it is a very attractive place for the tourists. While on your honeymoon you two can enjoy shopping in this market. You will definitely have s great time. This market for its woodcarvings and gold jewelry.

Cotopaxi National Park : The Park is known for the different types of animals there. You will get to see dwarf deer, rabbits and marsupial mouse and various other creatures. Definitely visit this park and add to the beauty of your Ecuador honeymoon. Enjoy your Ecuador honeymoon and be happy.

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